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Helpful Alignment Material

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How to know if you're not in Alignment with yourself

February 2, 2022

-Sick or having pains/aches
-Tired and drained
-Feeling stuck, stagnant, and unmotivated
-Anxious, nervous, and unsettled
-Feeling off
-Complaining/never satisfied
-Lack of boundaries
-Harshly judging yourself and others
-Lack of faith/always worrying
-Not excited about life
-Doubting yourself and your abilities
-Feeling guilty, unworthy, and undeserving
-Overeating or not eating enough
-Overly consuming alcohol and drugs

How to get into Alignment

February 2, 2022


-Seek Guidance







-Healthy Diet

-Setting Boundaries


-Breathing Techniques




-And any activity that you love doing

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